Steamboat Willie

Just hearing the Traditional Jazz music of Steamboat Willie at Café Beignet, in Musical Legends Park, is a memorable experience. A veteran of Dixieland and Traditional New Orleans Jazz, he not only enchants the most discerning critic, he also has the ability to excite those who are not yet experienced veterans of this creative art form.

Steamboat Willie is a music historian specializing in the 1920's era.  One distinctive aspect of his trumpet and vocal trademark lies in reviving obscure tunes, as well as old favorites, in a traditional jazz manner.


It’s hot New Orleans Jazz! Hear the ghosts of Wild Bill Davison, the flavor of Louis Armstrong, and hints of Bix Beiderbecke in Steamboat’s horn playing. His vocals embody a brightness and clarity, evoking memories of Eddie Cantor, Al Jolsen, and Rudy Vallče...

Steamboat Willie isn't a hurricane but he sure can blow.  The well-known new Orleans trumpeter and jazz historian has toured the world and has now dedicated his time playing seven nights a week in New Orleans...

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