Steamboat Willie Email


Email From "Grandma"

My daughter Judy Lee and her husband were in New Orleans a few weeks ago. My grandson Justiin Brill, a cast Member of "Wicked" (which was on tour last month in your beautiful city) .invited them down to see the show...They also had the pleasure of going to your
performance and were absolutely delighted and enjoyed your show that they brought me a CD
( A slow boat to China, The Tennesee Waltz etc) I have fallen in love with your singin and with
Willie. I had to share this with you..I am 92 years young and those songs took me back...
wonderful..thank you, thank you. I love you Willie....

Hi Grandma, Thank You for writing me. My mother is 89 and really enjoying life. I am so glad you are too!!! You made me smile this morning.It gave me great joy to know you love my music. May God bless you and keep you!   If you ever come down to sunny New Orleans,please come and see me.You know there is a town real close to New Orleans that is considered a part of, called, Marrero. Tell Judy lee , her husband, and Justin, I said hi. Please write again. I will always answer. 
Steamboat Willie

Email From Edna

Dear Steamboat, just wanted to thank you for your kindness during my Brothers visit to wonderful New Orleans and your gig at Cafe Beignet.  You made a dream come true for a man who has been in the music business almost all of his 80 years. He came all the way from England with this dream, to play with a jazz band in New Orleans and you made it happen. What a wonderful evening it was.  He will never forget it.  You are a great musician and singer and I can't wait to get back to listen to you again!.

May God bless you and your family

Sincerely, Edna Young

Email From Patricia

Steamboat Willie,
when I heard about New Orleans I thought about you. Are you and your family and friends all right?

My late father, Ty, my son Steven and I watched you and your group perform for several hours in early 1997. We really had a great time and enjoyed chatting with you during breaks. During one of the breaks, my father asked if you would play Mexacali Rose (spelling?), and you said that you never played it as it was a favorite of a late friend of yours.

That had become my father and my late mother's song, as they listened to it on their honeymoon. Dad was disappointed, but thoroughly enjoyed listening to your unique style of New Orleans jazz.

As the three of us got up to leave, you shouted out, "Wait!" And then proceeded to play Mexacali Rose. As we stood there and listened, I had to wipe the tears from my eyes. Dad said that it was ok to cry, and, as I looked up at him, tears were streaming down his face.

He died three months later, and was known as the most loved man in Nevada. Before he died he listened to your cassette often.

Thank you for making our trip so special. I truly hope you and yours are safe.

Patricia (as we left you called out, "So long, Red. My daughter has the same color hair.")

Email From Karen Hunter and Tony Long

Dear Steamboat Willie,

I must tell you that you made our visit to NOLA an amazing experience.  You will probably not remember us (and, how could you), but we wandered into that little courtyard one night, at the beginning of Mardi Gras, with our eyes & ears wide open.  We picked a seat, stage left, and had our ears tickled with the most lovely jazz music we'd ever heard.  We sat there for hours.  Through many of your sets.  Moving another table closer, to get a better view and listen.  You went back to your house to get more CD's and we bought one.  We had the honor of you stopping by our table and chatting with us, off and on during the evening; always making us feel like we were the only people there.  I mentioned to you how my Daddy was a Jazz drummer and you shared with me a picture out of your wallet of your Daddy.  We talked about how much we loved them and missed them.  I told you that my Daddy's favorite song was "Because of You" and you told me that you'd work on it and sing it for me the!
  next time we're there.  So, how's it comin'?  ;)

I have some great pictures and even video of you and your group that night.  We've enjoyed sharing you and your sounds with our family and friends, since our return.  Even playing your CD during our Creole Dinner Parties...always a big hit!

We hope to get back to your grand and soulful city soon.  But, would love to keep in touch via email, until then.

Thank you for your time, your music and your heart.  You truly made our experience one we will never forget.

With Respect and Love,

Karen Hunter and Tony Long/Roseville, California